Monday, April 25, 2011


By: Dana Sieth
Joy Pittman recently launched and Postbox was intrigued—could there truly be enough brunching in Atlanta to actually devote an entire site to the subject? We got a chance to ask her just that, among other things. 

Postbox: What made you want to launch a site on brunch?
Will Work 4 Brunch: Sunday is my day to relax and venture out into the city. Being that brunch traditionally falls on Sunday, I would always end up some place for Brunch. Soon it started to be my thing to do on Sunday and I would always try to find brunch spots that are not frequented by the mainstream.

Postbox: What’s so special about that particular meal?
Will Work 4 Brunch: Brunch is special to me because it is not so much about the food, than it is the experience. This meal is taken at a time and on a day when people are not rushing during a work day at lunch or tired after work at the dinner table.

Postbox: What do you think Atlanta brunch menus do that no one else is?
Will Work 4 Brunch: I believe Atlanta is truly taking southern cuisine to another level, unlike I have seen in previous years. I have sampled traditional eggs Benedict prepared twenty different ways from crab cakes to wild mushroom fricassee, buttermilk pancakes replaced with sweet potato and red velvet versions, and the beignet rising is delicious.

Postbox: What’s your typical brunch order or is it ever-changing?
Will Work 4 Brunch: My favorite meal is smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and cream cheese, grits, and one pecan pancake. Everywhere I would go, I would order that, even when it was not on the menu. Once I started the blog, I realized I could not write about eggs, grits, and pancakes in every blog. So now my approach is to ask the server what is the most popular items on the menu and experience what that particular restaurant does best. Therefore, my blog experiences vary and it gives my readers a true representation of the restaurant.

Postbox: What do you think is overdone on a brunch menus in the city?
Will Work 4 Brunch: Mimosas. This is a traditional brunch cocktail, but I would love to see a restaurant take a more flavorful approach to bottomless brunch and feature a signature cocktail.

Postbox: Who do you think we should know about that is under reported or yet to be discovered?
Will Work 4 Brunch: For now, who I will say is under reported for brunch is Local Three in Buckhead and The Pecan in College Park.

To read this interview on Postbox MSN: Go to ... Click on Atlanta... Scroll down to check for the "Will Work 4 Brunch" logo. You may need to download Silverlight to read interview.